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includes LPDC Information, Teacher Evaluation Forms, and Differentiation In-Service handouts.

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  Norwayne Master Teacher    LPDC
   Master Teacher Program    What is the LPDC
      LPDC By-Laws
  Resources for Mentors and Resident Educators

   CEU Verification Form

  Monthly Collaborative Logs    Writing Goals for IPDP
  Class Profile

   IPDP Application

Verification Form for consistently high performing teachers (NEW! To be attached with IPPY)

Year 1 Checklist 

Year 2 Checklist

Year 3 Checklist

Year 4 Checklist

Year 4 Completion Form

CEU Options

Form for transferring between districts' LPDC committees

Tuition Reimbursement Form

 Resident Educator Program Coordinator Application

Mentor Application

RTI - Response to Intervention Forms - (tier forms in .pdf and .doc)
RTI - Directions  
IAT - Invitation  
United Streaming Available Tech Tools