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includes LPDC Information, Teacher Evaluation Forms, and Differentiation In-Service handouts.

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  Norwayne Master Teacher    LPDC
  Master Teacher Program    What is the LPDC
        LPDC By-Laws
  Mentors and Resident Educators

   CEU Verification Form

  Monthly Collaborative Logs    Writing Goals for IPDP
  Class Profile

   IPDP Application

  Verification Form for consistently hig-performing      teachers  (NEW: To be submitted to LPDC when     applying for new license).

  Year 1 Checklist 

  Year 2 Checklist

  Year 3 Checklist

  Year 4 Checklist

  Year 4 Action Plan Details

  CEU Options

  Form for transferring between districts' LPDC    

  Tuition Reimbursement Form

  Resident Educator Program Coordinator Application

  Mentor Application



  RTI - Response to Intervention Forms - (tier forms in .pdf and .doc)
  RTI - Directions  
  IAT - Invitation  
  United Streaming   Available Tech Tools