Red Cross/ CPR Bobcats

If you have any questions or want to sign upI have 2 school e-mail addresses that I check daily- or  This is CPR that is needed for coaching, it is not the Sudden Cardiac that is now needed.

2019-2020 classes

Adult CPR     July 29, 2019  chose 1:00 or 6:00-There may be a lot of people signing up for this class.  There will be a limit of 20 for each class.  Sign up with Beth at either or

Adult CPR and First Aid-BUS/VAN DRIVERS ONLY  September 10- Coaches will not be permitted to attend.

Adult CPR     October 22, 2019    6:00

Combined class of Adult/child/infant CPR First Aid.   Staff can take all of those classes or any individual part.  It will only take place if Norwayne certified or non-certified staff members sign up.  It will not be held if coaches only sign up.

Adult CPR    February 17, 2020  6:00-Date may change to 18th due to basketball tournament games or school calendar.


EXPIRED  February 9, 2017


Jim Glessner             Ricki Gerber


Terry O'Hare            Kelly Hanzie           Colin Filak        Scott Studer


Jaime Riggenbach   Genet Riggenbach

EXPIRED  JULY 31, 2017


Trevahn Beery              Rex Steiner                    Carol Zollinger              Ann Gerber               Adam Indorf                  Brianne Indorf               Scott Norman            

Cassandra Zumack    Christine Rigerman   Doug Hanzie                  Mark Stanley            Brian West                    Jude LaChance               Bryce Zimmerly          

 Vince Sette                   Joe Chaffin                      Denise Followay           Bill Vance                    Bryan Shirey                 Sarah Coy                         Michelle Stoller        

  Miranda Bailey          Mara Holcomb              Tim Winkler                   Jake Zimmerly

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017


Brian Hilson                 Danny Maxwell     


Lori Weiman             Cheri Crawford            Sheila Goody              Lori Hoyt                 Kim Green               Christine Brown              Jerry Favri                James Starkey

Donna Mandley     Jill Gasser                         Traci Albaugh             Melissa Sparks     David Colich          Terry Valentine

OCTOBER 23, 2017


Brooke Hare            Brad Young                Trenton Schar            Jared Akin               Dylan Crawford

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

Adult CPR/AED/First Aid

Brad Herman        Jayne McGrew            Tammy Graf               Lindsay Rettig        Melinda Moffitt           Veronica Styer           Joy Zuercher            David Weaver

Sheila Hanna

DECEMBER 13, 2017

Adult/child CPR/AED

Jon Widmer          Mary Widmer               Misty Snow

Adult/child APR/AED, First Aid

Sue Hoffman        Pat Clark                          Nancy Milczewski            Isaac Graf              Jody Shaw

Jessica Gasser    Jenna Rupp                     Katie Hoffman                    Paul Zollinger

FEBRUARY 20, 2018

Adult CPR

Dallas Lycans         Larry Bellman            Alexandra Williams

JULY 30, 2018

Adult CPR

Shawn Deer            Brian West                  Terry West                         Michael Sullivan    

Jim Glessner           Alfredo Gray              Ricki Gerber                      Francisco Espinosa

Mark Belmont

OCTOBER 22, 2018

Jordan Marrero          Dave Dreher             Nick Blandin

NOVEMBER 20, 2018-I forgot to post this, sorry


Michelle Vance     David Hudson           Blake Bellman                      Scott Coy

John Baummer     Jason Gallion             Scott Studer

FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Jason Zimmerly          Patrick Rufener       Terry O'Hare        Andy Froelick

Tyler Church                 Zac Cherry

JULY 29, 2020


Tiffany Maxwell         Cassondra Mey        Kaitlyn Brant             Denise Followay

Sarah Coy                      Scott Norman            Vince Sette                 Jake Zimmerly

Joe Chaffin                   Michelle Stoller        Deb Wiles                    Brian Smith

Adam Indorf                Miranda Bailey          Bryan Shirey              Jude LaChance

Megan Raber              Brianne Indorf           Jason P